Analysis and solution of twisting and bending causes of aluminum profile


Industrial aluminum profiles generated waves, twisting and bending is due to the metal flow profile defects caused by uneven.
The main reason
1, aluminum extrusion die working design is not reasonable lead to non-homogeneous metal flow;
Too fast or too high extrusion temperatures lead to non-homogeneous metal flow 2, aluminum profile extrusion;
3, aluminum alloy type mould hole layout unreasonable non-homogeneous metal flow;
4, guide way inappropriate or guide way is not installed;
5, lubrication is not appropriate.
The solution
1, finishing of aluminum extrusion die work with the metal flow uniformity;
2, the reasonable extrusion process, in the guarantee of outlet temperature as far as possible under the low temperature extrusion;
3, the reasonable design of aluminum extrusion die structure;
The guide way 4, configure the appropriate;
5, reasonable lubrication;
6, using aluminum extrusion traction machine traction extrusion.


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