Determination of zinc in aluminium alloy


A reagent.

1 hydrochloric acid: P =1.19

2 hydrochloric acid: 595

3 hydrogen peroxide: 3%

4 ascorbic acid: 1%

5 thiourea: 1%

6 chloroform: 1%

7 sodium fluoride: 1%

8 six four methyl amine: 1%

9 EDTA:0.05N

10 two Xylenol Orange: 0.2%

Two. The mother liquor preparation

Said water 10ml conical beaker specimens of 500mg from 250ml, 10ml, adding concentrated hydrochloric acid, the reaction to be slow, adding hydrogen peroxide number ml, heated to hydrogen peroxide decomposition, dilute to 50ml, shake, as mother liquor

Content ≤ 0.5%

Separatory funnel from mother liquor of 25ml to 125ml, adding hydrochloric acid 20ml, 6ml thiourea ascorbic acid 6ml shake. After insertion of 5min into chloroform 10ml, shake, to be layered, the organic phase into the pre added with sodium fluoride 50ml, six methyl four amine 12ml, triangular 250ml beaker, add 2 to 3 drops of p-nitrophenol, titrated with hydrochloric acid to yellow just disappear, adding two ~ 3 drops of Xylenol Orange 2. Immediately with EDTA titration from purple red to yellow as the end.


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